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How to Cover Bald Spots for Men

Hair loss can evoke unwitting cruelty and misunderstanding from others, which can foster feelings of shame and low self-worth that are unnecessary and avoidable. For men, male pattern baldness is one of the most common forms of hair loss and is most often recognized by a receding hairline or a bald spot at the crown of the head. Women can also suffer from female pattern baldness; learn more about the differences in hair loss between men and women here! For men suffering from bald spots, it can seem an insurmountable feat to successfully cover a bald spot and still maintain normalcy in appearance. Thankfully, in recent years, as more men have publicly acknowledged and dealt with their hair loss, there has been an uptick in products created specifically to aid in covering bald spots and help men regain the comfort and normalcy they desire. Below are several different methods, tips, and tricks to teach you how to cover bald spots for men.


Bald Spots in Men: A Guide to Tips and Products

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When trying to figure out how to cover bald spots, men often find themselves confused as to what methods and products they should look for in order to successfully combat and hide their hair loss. With the surge in new products designed specifically to help men with how to cover bald spots, men have a variety of new resources and tools at their disposable to find their right solution for their bald spots early on. What works will vary between individuals depending on the size of the bald spot, severity of the hair loss, and genetic composition of the human being. Despite these discrepancies, there are a handful of tips and products that many men have found success with when finding the right solution to combat their bald spot.

  1. Hair Thickening and Strengthening Products: The amount of hair thickening and strengthening products available on the market today has made it possible to improve the texture of your hair immensely. Many of the modern hair thickening products are comprised of special polymers that temporarily thicken the hair shaft, which gives the hair follicle a plumper appearance. Using a hair thickening and strengthening product will not solve your hair loss problems, but it will allow you to improve the hair you have and to offset any hair loss that has occurred. In addition, the use of hair thickening and strengthening products will allow you to maintain a healthy scalp, thereby promoting healthy hair growth.
  2. Tattoo: As tattoos have become more common, tattooing has become adapted to help those suffering from hair loss. This type of tattooing is called scalp micro pigmentation. Scalp micro pigmentation is a method by which the scalp is adorned with a large amount of tiny dots of pigment. The pigment used is color matched to the color of your hair, which helps make it appear natural and gives the tattoo a uniform appearance that resembles stubble. To make this tattoo blend as well as possible with your natural hair, make sure your hair is cut short so that it all appears to blend together.
  3. Keep Your Hair Shorter: Maintaining a shorter hairstyle is a good idea for when blending in a scalp micro pigmentation tattoo, but it is also a tried and true method for reducing the appearance of a bald spot. When the rest of the hair is kept long, a bald spot becomes much more noticeable and the hair becomes flat and separated. By keeping the hair short, you are able to create a feathering effect, which has more volume and allows your hair to cover the edge of the section next to it. This method allows you to significantly decrease how noticeable a bald spot is.
  4. Use a Hair Piece: Hairpieces have gotten a bad reputation in the last several decades due to the low quality of prior iterations of hair pieces and some very public hair piece flubs. Despite this reputation, do not completely disregard the benefits of a hairpiece. Hair pieces have evolved tremendously in recent years and there now exists high quality, natural looking hair pieces that can blend in seamlessly with your natural hair and hide a bald spot with ease. However, hairpieces that are glued to your head are a different story. Once they are glued on, it would be very painful to remove. There is also a lot of unexpected maintenance when it comes to glue on hairpieces. You’ll have to visit a professional hairstylist to make your hairpiece not look fake, you’ll have to continually get hair cuts for your own growing hair to make your hairpiece look less awkward, and if you decide to cut your hairpiece, hopefully, it’s a good haircut or you could have to replace it because your hairpiece will not grow new hair! You could also just wear a hat! This blog talks about whether wearing a hat will make your hair grow faster.
  5. happy man showing off hairUse Hair Replacement Fibers: Hair replacement fibers are a relatively recent addition to the hair loss community. Hair replacement fibers are often applied by being sprinkled on top of the affected area, and upon contact with the scalp, the hair replacement fibers bind to the natural hair follicles. However, depending upon the material the fibers are derived from, their appearance may differ from that of a natural hair follicle. It is important to note that the application method for hair replacement fibers can often be messy and imprecise, making other solutions more desirable than hair replacement fibers. 
  6. Get Hair Replacement Surgery: Hair replacement surgery is when your surgeon will remove hair from a less noticeable spot on your head that is growing hair, like the sides of your head or the back of your head. Then they would transplant the removed hair to the thinning or balding area of your scalp. This procedure could be very expensive, very painful, and this procedure also does not guarantee results. The hair follicles could become dead during the transplant and you would have to keep conducting the surgery to maintain your results. Since this is such a risky procedure, it doesn’t help that you also have to let your scalp heal before you can get the procedure done again. This could affect how you sleep, what products or items you might wear on your head to hide the scabbing, or even some patients have reported numbing and swelling side effects! All in all, you could get hair replacement surgery, but it wouldn’t help you grow your own hair back. 
  7. Propecia (Finasteride): One way to combat genetic (Androgenic) hairless is to hinder the production of the male hormone, DHT. Propecia main ingredient, Finasteride, is designed to do just that. However, this is exactly what causes the unwanted side effects associated with this drug such as erectile dysfunction, depression, suicidal thoughts, persistent health problems, and so many more serious side effects that should never be overlooked. If you or anyone you know has taken Propecia and is experiencing any negative side effects, please click this link for help today. 
  8. Use Scalp Med®: By far the best method for combatting a bald spot is to find a system that allows you to regrow your lost hair and go back to having a thick, full head of hair without worrying about a hairpiece coming loose or needing to touch up a tattoo. Scalp Med® is a proven hair regrowth system that utilizes a two-step process that halts and reverses hereditary hair loss and thinning. To find a long-term solution to cover a bald spot, invest in a proven method to stimulate hair regrowth.

Scalp Med Patented Hair Regrowth System

If you are experiencing hair loss and looking to regrow your lost hair, then finding the right treatment option is essential. The first step to finding the right treatment option is identifying the underlying cause of your hair loss. Once the underlying cause is identified, you then must explore the various treatment options and products available to find the right treatment option for you. For individuals looking for a proven effective hair loss solution, Scalp Med® offers a range of products that have been shown to halt and reverse hereditary hair loss. Scalp Med®’s unique 2-step process restores lost hair without surgery or sexual side effects. In addition, Scalp Med® also offers a shampoo for hair growth that is able to penetrate and strengthen the hair shaft, while also thickening the hair to restore volume. If you are looking for an effective treatment for your hair loss, Scalp Med® is the answer.

If you are looking to strengthen and lengthen your already existing hair, sulfate-free hair products are the right choice for you! Scalp Med® is going to be here for you every step of the way with your journey with your hair! Scalp Med® already took the time and effort to kickstart your hair journey and 15 years of remarkable results will show you IT WORKS. We are proud of saying that Scalp Med® has been trusted by over 2,000,000 customers worldwide. With our money-back guarantee, there is absolutely NO RISK in trying Scalp Med®! Visit our website to start your journey back to a beautiful head of hair today! 

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