Average Hair Growth in A Month

For many people, one of their goals is to achieve healthier, fuller locks to establish the best version of themselves possible. To successfully achieve your best hair year yet, you need to know some facts about average hair growth monthly, as well as what you can do to boost your hair growth and achieve your healthiest hair to date. Once you know the facts, you can decide which hair regrowth products are best for you.

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The Phases of Hair Growth

There are many factors that can contribute to hair growth, but the main basis of hair growth is rooted in its three main phases. The hair growth cycle consists of three stages of growth and shedding: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Below are the details on these three phases.

  • Anagen: Anagen is the active phase of the hair growth cycle. During this stage, the cells that comprise the root at the base of the hair are dividing quickly. This continual process of division produces new hair that is catapulted to the surface to replace a club hair. A club hair is a hair that is no longer in the Anagen growth phase and will no longer grow. You may be asking yourself, “How long does your hair grow in a month during this phase?” During the Anagen phase, the hair will grow approximately one centimeter every twenty-eight days. For most people, the scalp will remain in the Anagen phase for two to six years. One of the reasons some people encounter difficulty achieving the long hair length they desire is that they have a short active phase of growth. On the other hand, people who have very long hair tend to have a much more extended active phase of hair growth.
  • Catagen: Catagen is the transitional phase of the hair growth cycle. A relatively small percentage of the hair on your scalp at any given time is in the Catagen stage. On average, three percent of all hairs are in this phase at a time. The Catagen phase typically occurs for a duration of two to three weeks. During this phase, the active growth phase ceases and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair. This is the process by which a club hair is formed.
  • Telogen: Telogen is the resting phase of the hair growth cycle. At any given time, six to eight percent of all the hairs on your scalp are in the Telogen stage. On average, the Telogen phase occurs for one hundred days. During the Telogen phase, the hair follicle is no longer growing and is instead merely at rest. The Telogen phase marks the completion of the club hair formation. On average, twenty-five to a hundred Telogen hairs are naturally shed from the scalp each day.

How Fast Does Your Hair Grow?

woman with flowers falling on herOne of the most common questions people ask when trying to achieve longer hair is “how long does your hair grow a month?” By establishing the baseline average hair growth in a month, it is much easier to understand why it is important to exercise patience with hair growth and to discover a few ways to maximize on your natural hair growth potential. The next time you hear someone wonder aloud “how long does hair grow?”, you will be able to jump in provide them with the below statistics on average hair growth in a day, month, and year.

  • Hair Growth Per Day: 5 millimeters
  • Hair Growth Per Month: 5 inches
  • Hair Growth Per Year: 6 inches

How to Boost Hair Growth

Despite there being average rates at which hair growth occurs, there are several proven tactics you can implement to help maximize your natural hair growth tendencies and achieve the long, healthy hair you want. Below are a few of the most well-known strategies to help stimulate hair growth and improve hair health:

  • Brush Your Hair Before Bed: This tip may seem like a strange one, but your hair produces natural oils that become distributed evenly throughout the hair when it is brushed. By brushing your hair each night before bed, you will be helping to coat your hair follicles with your scalp’s oils, which will help naturally moisturize your hair. In addition to moisturizing your hair, brushing your hair before bed also aides in increasing circulation which improves your scalp health.
  • Eat Right Foods: One of the best ways to promote healthy hair growth is to sustain a diet that is high in protein and healthy fats. Not only is this type of diet beneficial for your overall health, but it will also help nourish your hair and product healthier follicles. For details on the best foods to promote hair growth, click here! 
  • Avoid Heated Styling Tools: If you want to grow your hair longer and stronger, you will need to cut down on how much you are damaging hair by using heated styling tools. Try to implement a few days of naturally styled hair to reduce the amount of heat damage your hair undergoes. If you are going to use a heated styling tool, always be sure to use a thermal protectant spray and decrease the heat setting.
  • Take a Biotin Supplement: Biotin has long been touted as one of the best supplements to help speed up natural hair growth. In addition to helping your tresses grow longer, Biotin also has been shown to promote healthy skin and nails. For more information on Biotin such as taking Biotin supplements for hair growth, click here!
  • Use the Right Hair Regrowth Product: About 15 years ago, we at Scalp Med®, took the time and effort to make the only patented hair regrowth system on the market that is painless, worth its price, and won’t leave you with any serious side effects. It will be your own hair growing back! It prevents hair thinning and regrows your own hair back. We are proud of saying that Scalp Med® has been trusted by over 1,000,000 customers worldwide. With our money-back guarantee, there is absolutely NO RISK in trying Scalp Med®! To see many success stories while using Scalp Med®, click here! Try Scalp Med® today and put yourself on the fast track to hair recovery! Visit our website to start your PCOS hair regrowth journey today!

ScalpMedScalp Med®’s Thicken Kit also is a great addition to your hair regime. This 3-piece daily scalp and hair maintenance and the volumizing kit is the perfect complement to our hair-regrowth system, helping you to transform fine and thinning hair into fuller, thicker hair. Select your products today and take the first step towards healthier hair!

Now you are aware of the stages of hair growth, how fast hair typically grows, and tips and tricks to promote hair regrowth. The process of regrowing your hair could take time, and brushing your hair every night and taking supplements could take the time that you may not have. Scalp Med® is the only safe, medicated product on the market that will fast track your hair regrowth journey. Commit to hair regrowth and Scalp Med® today to start seeing a fuller, healthier scalp!

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