Scalp Med®: A Non-Surgical Solution to Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a sensitive subject, but is a real concern that millions of men and women face daily. Fortunately, for those who have tried other methods of hair regrowth with little to no success, there is an innovative solution available through Scalp Med®.

Scalp Med® not only restores hair loss, but reverses the hereditary effects of hair loss and thinning. The results are natural-looking and healthy, which people can feel good about when it comes to their appearance.

The science behind Scalp Med® is a clinical-strength Minoxidil-based treatment formula combined with a multi-patented pretreatment technology. This system provides a simple hair growth solution for anyone who wants to achieve visible results within months.

How Does Scalp Med® Work?

We understand the busy lifestyles that people face and wanted to provide a solution that would not be too time-consuming or complicated. The application process requires two easy steps, twice a day, making it easy to incorporate into a morning and evening routine, like brushing your teeth! It also makes it easy to take with you on-the-go or when traveling.

Step one involves applying the NutriSol® product directly to the scalp in the areas of thinning. This is the prep step. Prior to application, make sure to shake the bottle well and apply 4-6 pumps to cover the entire area you want to see regrowth. Massage into the area after every couple of pumps to ensure that it’s evenly distributed. Do not rinse.

The second step is the application of Vitadil® to the same treated area. Massage Vitadil® into the scalp every two pumps for a total of six pumps. Once complete, wash your hands and you’re done. The Scalp Med® process takes less than five minutes of your morning and night routines. The key to Scalp Med®’s effectiveness is being consistent in its use. Once you make it part of your daily regimen, it’ll be easier to stay on track with applying. If you do end up missing a day, do not try to compensate by doubling up on the product the next day; simply resume use as normal. If you make sure to follow the proper regimen, you will experience the full potential of how effectively Scalp Med really does work.

The Scalp Med® Phases of Growth

The natural hair growth process goes through a four-stage cycle: the growing phase, the transition phase, the resting phase, and the new hair phase. In the new hair phase, shedding is normal as the old hair falls away to make room for the new hair growing in its place. Typically, a person loses approximately 50 to 150 hairs each day. For those who experience more acute hair loss, this number significantly increases.

Scalp Med® follows similar transition periods, which means that hair regrowth doesn’t occur all at once. As with any process, the more dedicated you are, the better results you will see. When applying Scalp Med® twice daily, as instructed, you will begin to see changes within the first two months!

In the first four weeks, you may begin to notice more hair in the sink or left on your brush. This is your body releasing unhealthy hairs to make room for new ones growing in their place. While the hair may initially seem thinner at first, think of it like tree buds growing in the spring. You don’t see the “behind-the-scenes” work in progress, but as the changes are taking place and Scalp Med® is working, you’ll begin to notice the “blossoming” of visible hair growth.

After about two months, the regrowth will become more noticeable. Then, near the end of the fourth month of regular application, you will see your hair begin to fill in the thinner patches. Previously balding areas will be filled in as healthy, thicker hair starts to grow. Keep in mind that even when you start to see results, it’s important to keep to the twice-a-day application process.

Results from Scalp Med® builds over time, so you want to take advantage of the prep months by continuing product use. In the fifth or sixth month, you’ll begin to see the remarkable hair growth results that so many have seen. You will clearly see a visible increase in hair regrowth throughout your scalp and thinning areas becoming more and more filled in.

Once you reach the six-month mark and the months following, you will notice less and less shedding and no more clumps of hair coming off. Maximum regrowth will occur after 12 months with continual use of the product. In order to maintain healthy hair follicles, continue with your regular Scalp Med® routine.

Proven Results Based on the Use of Scalp Med®’s Unique Formula

Scalp Med® uses Minoxidil, the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven for hair regrowth as a base, but the specialized formula we have concocted is unique and more effective when compared to other hair regrowth methods. Scalp Med® has obtained multiple patents due to the unique technology created.

The ingredients used also help prevent flaking and itchiness that might accompany the use of other products and create an ideal environment for hair to grow. When Scalp Med®’s Vitadil® product is applied, it allows oxygen and nutrients to reach the hair follicles so that new, healthy hair can grow.

We understand the science behind hair loss and as a result, we were able to create a hair regrowth product like no other. In a six-month consumer survey, responses revealed that 96% of participants received “very good” or “excellent” results. We love the positive effect Scalp Med® has had on people and the confidence our customers have been able to regain because of it.

Scalp Med® Alternatives

There are other products that are marketed for hair regrowth, but may cause unwanted side effects. Propecia is one of these alternatives, which treats hair thinning and baldness. However, unlike Scalp Med®, people who take Propecia have experienced adverse sexual side effects that have been reported to continue even after the person has stopped taking the medication.

Scalp Med® also allows an alternative to more invasive procedures such as hair transplants. Grafting procedures require a patient to be kept under anesthesia and can take up to a week or longer for recovery. Due to the categorized cosmetic nature of this hair growth option, insurance rarely covers these types of operations, which means a person can face anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 out of pocket. Additionally, risks associated with hair transplantation include unnatural-looking hair growth and/or scarring.

Is Scalp Med® Right for Me?

Now that you know the process, you may still be wondering if Scalp Med® is right for you. Hair loss can be a frustrating ordeal for anyone, especially if you’ve tried other products before that did not worked the way you had hoped. Scalp Med® has created a formula, that with the right application, has had a high percentage of success among users. One of the big reasons that it’s a popular choice is the ease of incorporating it into anyone’s daily lifestyle.

With Scalp Med®, there is no recovery time necessary, exorbitant expense or awkward growth phases that can come with hair transplant surgeries. Scalp Med® isn’t linked to any adverse sexual side effects or itching of the scalp as with other products. It has been awarded national and international patents due to its unique formula to prevent copycat products.

Scalp Med® is a product for both men and women and includes benefits such as:

● Easy use with its two-step process
● Non-invasive approach to hair regrowth
● Affordable payment options
● Prevention of hair thinning in the future
● Natural hair growth with the production of healthy hairs at the source
● Visible changes within two months of product use

The products do not contain any parabens or sulfates and is not tested on animals. Its moisturizing formula helps control irritation and itching of the scalp. Scalp Med®’s first success story comes from its founder, a chemist who can personally stand behind a product that he tested out for his own hair regrowth.

How to Make Scalp Med® Part of My Regular Routine

Forming a healthy habit can be tough to start, but like with any lifestyle change, consistency is the key. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be the occasional off day, but the more you stick with a routine, the easier it will become and the better results you will see.

We aim for a healthy lifestyle whether it’s for our diet, our state of mind or for how we take care of our body. Think of applying Scalp Med® to your daily life the same way you would an exercise plan or a skincare regimen. We exercise to lose or maintain a certain body weight, improve energy levels, and increase an overall sense of well-being. When we drift away from the routine, progress is lost. The same can be said for skincare. For those who experience acne or dry skin, it’s important to faithfully cleanse the skin and apply the right products to our face.

People who use Scalp Med® should approach its application with this same type of routine. It takes less than five minutes only two times a day, every day to see and then, maintain results. For those who have experienced the discomfort or lack of self-confidence that often comes with hair loss, this short amount of time every day is worth it.

Making Scalp Med® part of your everyday routine can be seamless. It’s an affordable option making it a solution for nearly everyone who wants to try it.

How Much Does Scalp Med® Cost?

There are several payment options available to try ScalpMed®. There is an introductory offer of a two-month starter kit that is $29.95 plus shipping and handling. With the money back guarantee attached, this is a cost-effective solution for someone struggling with hair loss. Anyone who is not satisfied with the product, for any reason, may opt to return the unused portion within 30 days of its purchase. See below for details.*

Scalp Med® Results: What Hair Loss (and Regrowth) Means

Hair loss happens for various reasons. For men, it is due primarily to hereditary factors. In fact, according to the American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness accounts for 95 percent of hair loss in men. And, 85 percent of men will experience some level of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 50.

Genetics has less to do with hair loss in women by comparison. Females can experience hair loss due to hormone changes after pregnancy, stress, poor diet or other psychological reasons.

Short-term ideas like a change in hairstyle or wearing a toupee or wig is not often a natural-looking solution to this long-term problem. The good news is that with Scalp Med®, people who have to deal with hair loss can do something about it in a non-invasive way that can be long lasting.

We love sharing the stories of Scalp Med® success, because we know skepticism is inevitable when trying a new product. As mentioned, our founder was the first “case study” that revealed how well Scalp Med® works and we encourage our customers to share their results with others, so other people can have hope and benefit from how well it works.

When trying the product, we encourage customers to take before and after photos to track their progress and highlight how well the product has worked for them. Testimonials not only validate our unique hair growth solution, but shows that there are answers for those experiencing hair thinning and baldness. Hair loss is not a condition that you have to simply live with and feel like there are no options. With Scalp Med®, we are giving people back their confidence through a product that really works.

**SCALP MED® INTRODUCTORY OFFER. Pay $29.95 plus $11.80 shipping and handling for the first two month supply. You can cancel at any time during the first 60 days with no further obligation. If you do not cancel, after 60 days we will continue to ship you a 2-month supply every other month. We will charge you $79.99 per month for the product, and charge $11.80 for shipping and handling every time the product is shipped. State sales tax will be charged on all orders shipped to the following states: CA. Return Policy

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